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Islamic ‘honor violence’ in Finland: ‘Palestinian’ brother beats 14 y/o sister for not wearing head scarf…….


This is classic Islamic misogyny 101…


Honor violence in Espoo – HS: 14-year-old girl did not wear hijab, brother beat her three times a week


The Espoo District Court sentenced a man with fines who beat his sister. The reason for the assault was that the girl did not want to use a hijab. – 

 Sanna Jompero / Archive

The Espoon käräjäoikeus has today addressed a rare case of honor violence in Finland.


According to the prosecutor, a young man from the Palestinian territory had beaten and kicked his 13-14 year old sister because she was not dressed in the Islamic tradition of the hijab. This is a story by the Helsingin Sanomat.


Prosecutor says 17-year-old brother hit and kicked his sister two or three times a week for at least half a year in 2016. Eventually, it became too difficult for the sister to live at home and the girl moved elsewhere.

The worst situation was a couple of years ago , when the brother grabbed the girl in Espoo, and finally dropped her to the ground and kicked her. Eventually, a police patrol arrived.


The sister says she did not dare to live at home because of the constant violence. The girl moved elsewhere. Violence only ended when outsiders intervened.


However, the brother was convicted of only one assault because there was insufficient evidence of the others. He was ordered to pay a fine of 45 days, or a total of 270 euros. He was also ordered to pay a sister a remuneration of $ 500 for pain and grief.


CORRECTION 7.9.208 at 13.05: A sentence added to the story that the suspect was convicted of just one assault.

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  1. What do you expect form muslims? That is their sharia law. I pity the girl. Shame the brother got away lightly.

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