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Finnish government to urge people to ride motorbikes to reach emissions target…….


The political genius/mastermind class are always thinking of ways of screwing with you…


I was discussing with the Mrs. the other day concerning the horrific gas prices here (now e1.60 a liter) in Finland, saying that the government is completely unconcerned about the price of gas because the end result is people being forced to limit their mobility. We’ve always had a high tax rate on fuel, but now it’s being used as a cudgel to get ”the masses” to offset their CO2 output in order to meet government-set levels in order to meet international agreements.


In the end, most people will be forced into public transportation while the relatively (heavily connected) wealthy have open roads from them to travel on. This sounds far-fetched I know, but when looking at their policies matching their rhetoric, this is the end game, the herding of society into public transportation in order to make it more easy to manage.


Government to urge people to ride motorbikes to reach emissions target

Government’s climate targets for 2030 are front and center in the proposal in the works at the Ministry of Transport.


Moottoripyöriä Motoristit koulukiusaamista vastaan -kampanjassa


The Ministry of Transport and Communications announces that a working group is compiling a “moped and motorbike strategy” as part of government’s climate targets for 2030.


“A moped or motorcycle, when combined with public transport, can provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to driving private cars,” the Ministry states.


While two-wheeled motorised vehicles emit fairly limited amounts of greenhouse gases, they are true polluters when it comes to carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions.


Motorcycles and mopeds account for more than 14 percent of carbon monoxide and 16 percent of hydrocarbon pollution in Finland, despite less than 2 percent of all driven journeys being ridden with two-wheelers. That is why the aim must be to further develop the utilisation of two-wheeled vehicles, the proposal states.


The Ministry of Transport and Communications writes that motorbikes consume less energy, cause less congestion and take up less parking space. Changes may also come to road safety regulations and progressive taxation based on a vehicle’s carbon footprint. Other possible measures include ride-sharing or simplified motorcycle rental services as well as implementing electric solutions and automation.


The authors of the strategy roadmap, Ministry researchers Janne Mänttäri and Tomi Paavola write that they aim to improve road safety as well as minimise environmental factors.


The strategy proposal’s deadline for professional testimonies is 30 September.



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