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Finland: Greens-Leftist who disrupted flight over deportation of rejected asylum seeker under investigation by authorities…….


One hopes that they throw the book at her…


Police investigating Greens employee over disruption of deportation flight

Police removed Greens legal officer Aino Pennanen from a Finnair flight in July when she attempted to protest the deportation of another passenger.


Police said Thursday that they had launched an investigation into the actions of Greens party employee Aino Pennanen over her decision to stand her ground in a bid to prevent a Finnair flight from taking a deportee to Berlin.


The Eastern Uusimaa Police Department said in a statement that the case is being investigated as an aviation offence and obstruction of an official.

In July police intervened to remove Pennanen from a Finnair flight that was bound for Berlin. During the incident, Pennanen refused to follow instructions from the crew. At the time she said that she was opposing the deportation of another passenger on the flight. She also recorded the incident and uploaded the video to Facebook.


Police gave Pennanen a verbal warning for the misdemeanor at the time. However at the time police were not aware of all the particulars of the circumstances, such as other parties’ account of the case.


Police said they would provide an update when the investigation is complete.



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