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U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton: “We will de-fund the UNHRC…….


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Bolton: We will de-fund the UN Human Rights Council

U.S. National Security Adviser says the United States intends to cut funding to the UNHRC after withdrawing from it.


U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton said on Thursday that the United States intends to cut funding to the UN Human Rights Council from which it withdrew in June.


“We are going to de-fund the Human Rights Council,” Bolton told The Associated Press in an interview, while warning that other UN agencies could also be up for cuts in U.S. funding.


Bolton rejected claims by some UN officials who insist the council gets its funding through the regular UN budget, meaning that its operating expenses can’t be specifically targeted.


The United States pays about 22 percent of the UN budget as part of what’s known as an “assessment” based on economic weight and other factors.


“We’ll calculate 22 percent of the Human Rights Council and the High Commissioner’s budget, and our remittances to the UN for this budget year will be less 22 percent of those costs — and we’ll say specifically that’s what we’re doing,” said Bolton.


“We expect that impact to occur on the Human Rights Council,” he added.


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