Spain being overrun with Muslim settlers /African migrants, ”camps look like GITMO”…….


Socialist Spain has taken the dhimmi route…


Costa del Crisis: Running on to Spanish beaches where Brits bask on holiday, these are just some of the 1,500 migrants who’ve poured through Europe’s new gateway in just one week

  • So far in 2018 23,000 migrants have arrived in Spain hoping to make a new life
  • More than 1,500 have landed close to Algeciras on the Spanish coast in a week
  • The migrants from Africa are taking off from Morocco and paid £1,300 each

The promenade lined with palm trees overlooking Campamento port is where Spanish families enjoy a stroll in the cool of evening. They can gaze across the sea at the Rock of Gibraltar and the street lights of Morocco 13 miles away.


Above them is the white-walled town of San Roque, where 5,000 Spanish sought sanctuary after Anglo-Dutch forces seized control of Gibraltar in 1704. They fled carrying priceless relics: church records and statuettes dating back to the early 16th century, which are on show to tourists visiting this quiet corner of the Costa Del Sol.


Yet the pace of life is changing fast here. This week at Campamento, not far from the coastal city of Algeciras, a giant camp with orange tents and wood cabins was being given its finishing touches. It is a new reception centre for the thousands of illegal migrants who have sailed from Morocco to Spain on perilous journeys in rickety boats.


The camp has come as a complete surprise to many Spanish people. One young man on the prom, watching the tents and cabins being filled with army-style beds, whispered to me: ‘This looks like Guantanamo Bay.’


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