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Israel: Leftists trying to drive wedge between Jews and Druze failing, leadership insists alliance stronger than ever…….


The Left is evil…


Druze Zionist Council head: ‘Unconditional loyalty to country’

Atta Farhat: ‘Between us and the Jewish People, there is a long-standing alliance, and we want this alliance to continue to exist.


Mordechai Sones, 05/08/18 14:38

Druze Zionist Council head Atta Farhat says that even before the framework agreement Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu struck with the Druze, he was in favor of the Nationality Law because “loyalty to the country shouldn’t be conditional on anything. Loyalty to the country must come from the heart, 100%.”


Farhat has written extensively about Israeli Druze, saying “There are no Druze in the world who can claim a better and freer life than the Druze citizens of Israel.”


He has tried to expose purported tensions erupting within his community as mere social demolition tactics normally employed by the Left: “The New Israel Fund and other haters of Jewish tradition have found a fault line, and are pushing to cause a rupture between our Druze brothers and Jews. Don’t allow it to happen! They strike when the Jewish nation thinks it’s weak or ‘enlightened’. But the Jewish nation is not weak; it is strong, your light is your Torah, your prophets, your heritage and your people. I have told my Druze brothers not to fall into this foolish trap set by the Left.”


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