Australia Dhimmitude

Australian ambassador to Iraq goes full dhimmi, wears Islamo-garb head to toe…….


The abject stupidity of westerners knows no bounds, they’ll be the ones who end enslaving future generations…


She’s placed the entirety of the Australian people under submission to Islam. She should be recalled for a major dressing down, ending in a dismissal.


Australian ambassador to Iraq dresses in full hijab to visit Muslim shrine

“Iraqi ambassador visits Karbala (photo),” translated from “بالعباءة العراقية السفيرة الاسترالية تزور كربلاء (صورة),”, July 26, 2018:


The Ambassador of Australia to Iraq (Dr Joanne Loundes) visited the holy city of Najaf today. She met with the President of the Governorate Council.
She expressed Australia’s readiness to support humanitarian causes and support the restoration of stability in the region. Her visit was to explore opportunities that could contribute to economic and educational development, cooperation in livestock development, agriculture, the possibility of academic cooperation and sending scholarships to Australia.


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