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Finns Party upset over Islamic teaching Helsinki University…….


A product of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration and subversion…


Finns Party upset

Today’s papers report the Finns Party’s distress about Islamic studies


Exterior of the main building of the University of Helsinki.
The main building of the Helsinki University Image: Jyki Lyytikkä / Yle


Uusi Suomi reports that Jussi Halla-aho, chair of the nationalist Finns Party, is upset about the decision by Helsinki University to start teaching Islamic theology.


According to Uusi Suomi, Halla-aho asks in a Facebook posting why the academic institution prioritises Islam over classical archaeology and antique culture – a discipline which the university will shortly discontinue due to funding cuts.


“The goal is to help us Finns better understand the Islamic minority which has been forcibly created here and of course prevent them from radicalisation,” Halla-aho says.


The dean of the faculty of theology, Antti Räsänen, defends the university’s decision by saying the two matters are completely unrelated.


“We have received strategic funding from the education ministry to teach Islamic theology. This is not a zero-sum game,” Räsänen explains in Uusi Suomi.


Earlier this week, two other Finns Party MPs, Ville Tavio and Sami Savio, said Mulki Al-Sharmani, the new lecturer in Islamic theology, has publicly defended Sharia law.


Räsänen calls these claims “baseless and odd.”


“This sounds quite far-fetched. Clearly this is about something else than just the faculty’s plan to teach and conduct research,” he adds.


According to Räsänen, Al-Sharmani was selected from among several qualified domestic and international applicants for the position.


“I do not in any way doubt her competence as a researcher.”


In addition, Räsänen said the number of Muslims in Finland has increased in the past decades and thereby strengthened the role of the religion.


“Of course a university wants to react and remain contemporary in its research,” he said according to Uusi Suomi.


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