Lars Vilks Mo-toons

Islamonazi sentenced to 15 yrs for plotting murder of Swedish artist who drew Mohamed as a dog…….


The TT’s own interview of Lars Vilks (taken in 2008, 10 years ago, yikes!) is available here.


Radical Sentenced to 15 Years for Plot to Kill Swedish Mohammed Cartoon Artist

Al-Qaeda operative Ali Charaf Damache was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment by a U.S. court for his role in recruiting other radicals in a plot to assassinate Swedish artist Lars Vilks.


The 53-year-old radical Islamist was found guilty after a drawn-out process that spanned nearly a decade for attempting to recruit like-minded jihadists from the United States and Europe to kill Vilks, who became famous as one of the artists involved in the 2007 Mohammed cartoons controversy, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.


The plot to kill the Swedish artist began in 2009 and saw three U.S. citizens arrested including a 46-year-old from Philadelphia named Colleen LaRose who went by the nickname “Jihadi Jane”.


More here.

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