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Belgium: Top Belgian politician Filip DeWinter warns civil war may be imminent……..


Parallel societies, one triumphantly aggressive, the other passive, inward looking, hoping for acceptance. One has to give, which do you think it will be?


Belgian top politicians warn – civil war in Europe may be imminent

“Lynch, violence and vandalism, the urban geranium is a threat,” warns Dewinter.



Filip Dewinter is a leading figure in the Belgian-Flemish and nationalist party Vlaams Belang. In a statement on Twitter in the wake of the World Cup rally in France, he writes that a civil war might be immenent in Europe.


“I think the tensions will only increase. What we see is a kind of ethnic underside of society, people who are not well educated and know nothing but riots, violence and vandalism, “said Dewinter.


“We have reached a pre-revolutionary state where people segregate themselves from society in the gangs motivated by radical Islam.


According to Dewinter, the motive behind the riot, which is common in France, even when it is not the World Cup, is to attack the state’s authority and the attacks on the broken-down stores are raging attacks on the white culture.


“This form of violence can lead to civil war if governments lose control and white people are revolting. This situation is closer than we think it can break out very fast and big cities become battlefields.


Dewinter adds that entire residential areas are already beyond government and police control when Islamic cultural structures have taken over them.


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