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Gates of Vienna: Avoid of the Fate of Becoming a Migrant-Accepting Country”…….


Published by GOV, thanks be to our buddy Vlad for the subtitling and uploading of the vid…


Avoid of the Fate of Becoming a Migrant-Accepting Country”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán recorded the following video report early yesterday morning, after a grueling all-night session of the emergency EU summit on migration. Mr. Orbán reported that the dissident member states — primarily the Visegrád Four, Austria, and Italy — had managed to prevent the imposition of mandatory migrant quotas and other pillars of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s preferred immigration policies.


Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

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  1. DEPORT DEPORT DEPORT, RESCIND RESCIND RESCIND going back several generations. ITALY is not an INFILTRATOR camp site nor a baby anchor country, they must all lose there citizenship and go back to where ever they are form. ALL payments, benefits, education Medicaid or healthcare must STOP immediately.
    Obama OWES Italy APPROX 1 trillion DOLLARS IN CASUING THE infiltrator CRISIs. Obama MUST PAY.
    THE EU, MERKEL, SOROS, OBAMA, JUNKER and the rest of the pedophiles OWE ITALY 3 TRILLION dollars. The Dublin law no longer applies as geographic is not the only rule of thumb in determining responsibility if anything it gives thte country of 1st arrivals to refuse and to demand a bond. No bond they must go to land locked couNTRIES like FRANCE since it already has become a shithole and on the verge of civil war with Moroccan cockroaches(AS LE PEN CALLS THEM). Logic dictates why destroy 2 countries when 1 is already gone AND HAS ROOM FOR MANY MORE. The new law should take into consideration that DUBLIN states FRANCE being so far gone should take more garbage as it has the infrastructure for INFILTRATORS. SAUDI, EMIRATES AND ISRAEL MUST ALSO TAKE.
    iTALY SHOULD HAS GOLDEN COUNTRY STATUS AND RULE STRICLTY OVER ITS OWN PEOPLE. No one is to rule over or have any autonomy over ITALY. Therefore ITALY need not take 1 not even 1 INVADER unless they choose to for a specific function that all ITALIANS do not which to perform. Even at that the individual must go home after the days work or function is complete most likely not in ITALY.

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