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Finland’s Helsingin Sanomat ramps up the Trump hate in new Jari Tervo column: “He’s a lying, sh*t speaking narcissist”…….


I wouldn’t give these cretins the time of day…


Sami Kuisma: The Helsinki Sanomat welcomes Donald Trump to Finland. The quote is from Jari Tervo’s column, but the editor is responsible for everything written in the paper.


“Donald Trump is a friend of dictators, a serial- shit speaker, a narcissist, a racist and at least half fascist.” 

In Finnish here.


Earlier this week they compared Trump to a pig:  “Like two peas in a pod”…



Also, a  journalist for the state broadcaster YLE incited her followers to demonstrate while Trump was here. Jessiikka Aro, a winner of the Bonnier award for journalism has brought charges against MV-Lehti editor Ilya Janitskin for slander due to an alleged admission of drug abuse.



Tell me, are there any demonstrations planned? It would be a great opportunity to use the world-famous Nordic freedom of expression and assembly, to show what you think about Trump & Putin 🙂

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