Austrian flight hijinx: Haredi men force women to move so they don’t have to sit next to them…….


They’re wrong…


In this case, the women should have insisted that they remain in their assigned seats or be given first class plus a free round-trip flight at a later date, or they’re not moving at all. If this demand wouldn’t have been met, then the men in question should either sit their butts down or be removed to a later flight that would ensure that they’ll be sitting next to a man. Period.


NOTE: I’m against anyone exerting their religious beliefs that violate another’s civil liberties. In a civil society people make allowances and compromises between each other to keep things civil and polite.- Using the authorities however, in this case an airline which has tremendous authority within their work space, is a step too far, in fact it’s beyond the Pale.


Austrian Airlines moves women after Haredim refuse to sit next to them

A week after a similar incident on an El Al Airlines flight, 26 ultra-Orthodox men refuse to sit next to female passengers on a flight from Tel Aviv to Vienna; ‘The pilot came out of the cockpit and managed to convince several women to move,’ one passenger says. Incident delays departure by 40 minutes, causing some passengers to miss connecting flights from Austrian capital.

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