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Sweden’s Moderaterna party defense policy report mirrors US Pres.Trump’s call for 2% of GDP in defense spending…….


Especially for NATO member states and those seeking to join it…


Sweden’s Moderaterna party is a pseudo conservative party that’s deeply conflicted. On the one hand they have embraced open borders, shrugged at Islamization and the Muslim threat, but here at least, show a modicum of common sense in defense spending. It’s exactly the number Trump has called for/demanded from NATO member states who have been freeloading on the backs of US taxpayers for decades. Interesting to see someone in Europe is taking Trump seriously, at least in oblique way.


Moderaterna’s Defense Policy Report – A Brief Review


Yesterday, June 19, the Moderates presented a defense policy report //moderaterna.se/ett-starkt-forsvar-att-akra-sverige with the direction the party intends to pursue in the defense committee’s continued work. Here’s a short review.


The report contains many good suggestions but does not lack shortcomings, some serious ones.
It is not difficult to share the view that the Total Defense (both its military and civilian parts) must be strengthened and that it must be done in international cooperation. That the report clearly states a 2% target (of GDP) for defense spending, and advocates both a NATO accession and deepened European cooperation is therefore pleasing.


An important statement in the report regarding the defense force’s economy, apart from the fact that it has to be strongly strengthened in the long term, is that it must also be added funds in the near future. In the order of 18 billion by 2021, it is in order to implement the defense decision of 2015. It is the platform for which the next defense decision is based.


It is good that the need for qualified own defense research and opportunities for exporting defense equipment is pointed out.

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