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UK Jihad: ‘Queen hating’ Uber driver ‘attacked police with 4ft sword’ outside Buckingham Palace, left note about being in Mohamed’s brothel in the sky…….


We’ve heard this all before…and will again, if the scourge is not properly dealt with…


‘Queen hating’ Uber driver ‘attacked police with 4ft sword’ outside Buckingham Palace

An ISIS-supporting Uber driver in London accused of attempting to run down police officers outside Buckingham Palace and attack them with a samurai sword allegedly did so because he “hated the queen and her soldiers” before he was stopped in his tracks by brave officers, a court has heard.

The Old Bailey heard how Mohiussunnath Chowdhury, 26, wanted to “kill himself” in the attack after he allegedly tried to ram into police at the London landmark.


On August 25 last year, shortly before 8.30pm, Chowdhury was driving towards the Victoria Monument at the bottom of the Mall.


The court heard he then swerved his car through traffic cones in front of a police van, which was on its way to Belgravia from Charing Cross Police Station.


Chowdhury, 26, left a note for his sister in which he promised he would “see her in paradise” and also wrote “the Queen and her soldiers will all be in the hellfire”.


Prosecutors allege the Luton born man had planned to go to Windsor Castle – but went to a pub of the same name instead due to a “satnav error”.


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