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Netherlands: Kippa wearing rabbi gets f*ck-all-the-Jews greeting from North-African Muslims…….


This is what the Left and pseudo right has bequeathed to future generations of European Jews (if any are left remaining)…


Anyone who supports the opened ended mass migration of Muslims from the Middle East and says that they’re against antisemitism, is bald faced liar.


Rabbi Complains to Police about Insults by North-Africans


Amsterdam rabbi Yanki Jacobs has complained to the police about insults by two youngsters with a North-African appearance.


They shouted against him and his family from their car “cancer Jews” and “fuck all Jews”.


The rabbi was recognizable as being a Jew by his kippa. He said that they passed a number of times in their car in an intimidating way. The rabbi said that such insults occur so frequently that he has begun to consider it normal.



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