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Former Finnish PM says Trump and Putin share the same ideas for Europe, weak and in disarray…….


Jyrki Katainen is a fool…


These people actually believe that they’re of the ‘enlightened class’, the ‘philosopher kings’ talked about by Plato. Being masterminds and geniuses they craft the problems that they alone they say, can only solve. They seek to devolve vote oversight from their decision making, even more than they have done already. Keeping the voter ignorant and focused on other mundane things while they rejigger society is what motivates them. They’re disgusting.


As far as being of same mind as thug Putin, (who’s no friend of mine) Trump is America first, tired of the Euro-weenies taking advantage of the US taxpayer through the jackassery of simpleton US politicians over the decades. The good ol’ times for the Euro-weenies has ended, that’s why they’re crying foul, they’re not used to being taken to task by US administrations. So what do the statist and neo-statists do, make a head charge to more government centralization at the expense of the individual.

Katainen’s direct words on  Trump: “For the first time in history, the US president shares the same idea with the Russian president”

Jyrki Katainen said US President Donald Trump shares with Vladimir Putin’s the historical view that a weak and fragmented Europe is a good thing.

Vice-President of the EU Commission, Jyrki Katainen, in the Naantali Kultaranta debates, spoke directly to the table on the views of US President Donald Trump in Europe. According to Katainen, Europe is living in an exceptional political situation.

– For the first time in history, the President of the United States shares with the Russian President the same idea for ​​Europe, the more fragmented and weaker Europe, the better. This situation has never really existed before.


According to Katainen, Europe is now being asked whether it wants to defend itself and be a leader in the areas it desires and in its own right. Katainen considers the EU to remain alongside with the super-powers of the United States, Russia and China.


The EU and Russia have been in freezing temperatures since the takeopver of the Crimea. It was asked whether relations between the EU and Russia could be, however, becoming more and more quickly thought. Some EU countries have been presented with the abandonment of the sanctions imposed on Russia due to the misappropriation of Crimea. Katainen was in favour of resolving things in a meaningful way, but threw the ball firmly to the Russian corner.


– I believe that the occupation of an independent neighbor is still wrong today and can not be accepted. As soon as the peace talks in Minsk make a move, what is it that does not stop working for a common future with Russia? Economic relations and trade policy are opened, Katainen said a bit sarcastic.


Katainen stressed that the EU is by no means an exceptional crisis, despite the fact that world economic cycles are not conducive to the impressive return of a great-power policy.


Katainen’s list of member states currently doing things in the internal market, for example, which lead to a significantly more integrated Union than it has now in three years. In trade policy, it has negotiated wholesale trade agreements and defense co-operation has progressed over the past year with historic leaps.


– Of course, we have problems, but some of the problems are just what the EU is creating.


Prime Minister Juha Sipilä stressed that the EU is still a superstate of the economy. He hoped that the EU would become more powerful in the fight against climate change in the future.


– I wish we could take the role of a stronger global leader. Likewise, as a ruthless defender of the multilateral rule-based system.


The panel on the future of the EU was also attended by the Helsinki Sanomat, London correspondent Annamari Sipilä, who summed up the EU as a “top single”.


– How can we be even better? Why are others much better? Why are our values ​​in decay and everything is bad? It’s not. Europe is a great effort to “try to be human”. Teija Tiilikainen ,


Director of the Foreign Policy Institute, considered that the EU is also a great power in solving the dispute in a peaceful manner. – If you think of its own internal system, then it has succeeded and it has a market leader.


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