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Finland: Marxist professor Vesa Puuronen wants to limit free speech, introduce harsher punishments…….


He’s the exact type of cog who have enjoyed privileged lives in the brutal regimes of the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and any other tyranny throughout history…


Defend the state from criticism is a key featuring factor in these regime, and of course the policies they create and their protected minions. Dare to voice an opposing view, well it’s off to the hoosegow with you.  I don’t approve of everything the editor of the Finnish online magazine, MV-Lehti has written, but in the US, outside of slander and defamation, his (Ilja Janitskin) activities would be protected under the 1st amendment. If the person is dispenssing BS in the form of news, counter him/her with the facts. More debate, not less is the answer here.


NOTE: This Marxist reminds me of the goons on top of the Kremlin waving their gloved hands to the lunatics parading themselves on May Day (Vappu)…


Vesa Puuronen, Racism Researcher: In the MV trial, weigh the limits of freedom of speech in Finland – More sanctions are needed


Minna Akimo

The incitement against an ethnic group should be punished by more severe punishments, says Professor of Sociology, Vesa Puuronen.


According to him, the current judgments are so small that they have virtually no meaning or deterrent effect.


– Usually judgments in these cases are minor fines, and such judgments do not have any preventive effect. These people know that the action is not legal, but because judgments are small, they will continue to operate, Puuronen says.


You should get a fine or up to two years of imprisonment for encitment against an ethnic group. You can get a maximum of four years of imprisonment for gross enticement against an ethnic group.


According to the well-respected scholar, Monday’s ongoing litigation in the District Court of Helsinki due to suspicions of crimes related to the MV site is significant but not exceptional.


– With regard to the limits of freedom of expression, the trial is significant, because here we are exactly considering where the borders go. Otherwise, we have earlier litigations of judgments of excitement against etnic groups, he says.


In Finland, similar crimes have been convicted, among other things, by the chairman of the Finns Party Jussi Halla-aho , in which Supreme Court convicted him with day fines for incitement against an ethnic group and defamation of religion. The judgment was issued in 2012.

Puuroen thinks that during the ongoing trial and beyond, there should be a profound and thorough discussion of the freedom of speech and its limits, because that is precisely what is being said in the trial: what can be said in Finland in the name of freedom of speech?

– In terms of freedom of expression, Finland’s own legislation and international human rights law are contradictory. All of them state that everyone has the right to express their opinions, but at the same time freedom of opinion is also limited by law. It is an internal contradiction and this contradiction should be brought more and more openly.




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