France: Lithuanian truck driver stabbed by two migrants using his rig to sneak into UK…….


Just open the borders say the unhinged Left and crony business community and their political enablers, then they wouldn’t have to sneak…


Dunkirk: Lorry Driver Stabbed by Migrants Trying to Break into Britain

4 Jun 2018361

A lorry driver has been “seriously injured” by two migrants who were trying to break into his vehicle for a ride to Britain at a rest stop near Dunkirk.
The Lithuanian was taking a break after several hours of driving, at a rest area in the town of Craywick in France last week, when he heard noises in his truck.


Climbing onto the roof to investigate, the driver discovered his tarp had been slashed by two migrants who had entered the vehicle, expecting a ride into Britain.


According to French media outlets, the he attempted to explain to the would-be stowaways that their behaviour would cause him significant trouble with his employer, to whom he would have to explain the damage to the heavy vehicle.


The attempt to reason with the pair failed, however, and the situation “degenerated” as they exited and proceeded to stab the driver with the blade they used to cut into his vehicle, before running away from the scene.


Suffering a “major wound” at the junction between his arm and torso, the victim was rushed to hospital by emergency services, Le Voix du Nord reports.


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