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Finland: ‘Frenchman’ accused of murdering his own child claims ‘racism and discrimination’ during police questioning……..


When you have no defense whatsoever, claim racism…


H/T: Veli Nikander


Father accused of murdering his child dissembles during questioning:  Invokes racism and ability to cope – “I am so traumatized from the situation ”  

Crime published 04.06.2018 15:28


The Frenchman accused of the Porvoo playground murder was refused to sign his interrogation minutes. He argued that he felt a victim of discrimination or racism. The second time, the man refused to cooperate with the police due to his inability to cope.


In a case study report belonging to a case study case, it is indicated that a man does not want to sign the protocol because “in general, he does not believe and hear that he is discriminated against or racist”.


After the interrogation, the man has also failed to sign other trial records.


Blamed ability to cope


It is clear from the minutes that the man refused to cooperate with the police in another interrogation. While being questioned, the man refused to refer to the timeline of the events of his/her mother’s relationship with her child.


The man pleaded his inability to cope.


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