Buffoonery Finland MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finland: Finns MP says asylum seekers making negative impact on Finnish taxpayers, lack education, language skills, ability to embrace, integrate into Western society……..


He’s speaking the truth and we’re footing the bill for this tomfoolery…


New comers with a really low employment rate


Finns MP Juho Eerola has left a written question in Parliament about the employment of asylum seekers and their impact on public finances.


Eerola asks the relevant minister whether the Government is prepared to admit that its estimates of the employment of asylum seekers and their impact on the maintenance relationship were incorrect.


Why does the Government not take advantage of the experiential information from other Nordic countries and the raw statistical data of state research companies in making their own conclusions, Eerola wonders.


More than 30 000 asylum seekers arrived in Finland in 2015, when several politicians commented on how Finland’s demographic and labour shortage makes it useful for Finland. The majority of asylum seekers came from Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia.


According to the state Economic Research centre, the employment rate of these nationalities in 2013 was only 20-26%.


– The study by VTT suggests that the impact on public finances of persons from Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia to Finland is negative, says Eerola.


Generosity costing in the neighborhood of a billion (euros)


Eerola refers to the study of the employment of immigrants residing in Finland in the labour market during 1990-2013. He also states that the investigation does not even take into consideration the recent flood of asylum seekers. Eerola deems that there’s difficulties in employing asylum seekers because, as a rule, they lack education, language skills and the ability to embrace and integrate into Western society.


– The most recent of those who have become more challenging to employ only because of the high absolute number. According to VTT, earlier experience suggests this, Eerola says.


According to a written question, Finland has generously shown funding for integration and the cost of immigration has risen by one billion. These costs are almost never accounted for by the employment of asylum seekers. The investments have not been positive for the Finnish taxpayer.



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