Robert Spencer: Imam Tawhidi banned from Facebook for mocking Hamas and ”peaceful Palestinian protests”…….


The Imam must have fallen prey to FB’s new homicidal Islamonazi outreach program…


Imam banned from Facebook for mocking Hamas and “peaceful Palestinian protests”


Increasingly, those who criticize jihad terrorists and anti-democratic, anti-human rights sharia practices will be punished by the guardians of the Sharia who operate brazenly in Western countries.


Imam Tawhidi says….

his Facebook page has been unpublished after he made a post mocking the terrorist group Hamas, and speaking in sarcastic terms about “peaceful Palestinian protests.”

It isn’t the first time that Tawhidi has had his Facebook account shut down. Last year, the same thing happened after complaints from Muslims about his posts. Particularly as an imam, Tawhidi has offended many by calling for “a review of Islam in Australia and demanded Muslims respect freedom of speech and democracy.” During a Muslims Facing Tomorrow Iftar dinner in Mississauga, Ontario, at which I was also present, Tawhidi delivered a speech that would certainly be labeled “Islamophobic” and “far right” by the usual mainstream Muslim groups with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as by their leftist water carriers.  Here is some of what the so-called “controversial” Tawhidi  stated in his speech, while using humor and occasional sarcasm- – the kind that likely got him banned from Facebook:


More here at Robert’s Jihad Watch

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