Burkas Fighting Back Islam in Denmark Niqabs and Burqas

Denmark to enforce niqab and burka ban, fines levied for violating new law…….


Too little too late…


I look at the ban as a security measure, but it’s at least one way to push  back, something that should have been decades ago. Banning public aspects of sharia is the next route.


Denmark denies face masking in public places – Many European countries have already enacted a burk ban

From August onwards, Burka or Niqab can be fined SEK 1,000, or EUR 134.


Denmark is associated with a growing number of Western countries that have banned the face from being covered in public places.


On Thursday, the Danish Parliament adopted a law that will make the use of face covering garments – such as burka and niqab – punishable in a public place. Their use can be fined 1 000 crowns, or about 134 euros. It is possible to receive fines of up to 10 000 kroons, or EUR 1 343.


The law enters into force in early August. It does not ban, for example, headscarves and Turbans where faces are on display.


AFP, Reuters and The Guardian reported.


More here.

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