MUSLIM SETTLERS Sweden Swedicide

Sweden: “New arrivals (Muslim settlers) should be taught more about Swedish laws”…….


Taught what they already reject, then outlaw, once they’ve reached demographic superiority…


This goes to show just how much lunacy passes for reasoned thought in the Swedicide state bordering Finland and Norway. The sole purpose of immigration is only to benefit the civil society. You do not court people from every crack and cranny in the world into moving to your country to help benefit their societal status and income.


New arrivals in Sweden ‘should be taught more about Swedish laws’

New arrivals in Sweden 'should be taught more about Swedish laws'
Sweden’s Integration Minister Ylva Johansson. Photo: Anders Wiklund/TT
Anyone moving to Sweden – from asylum seekers to expats – should be made to study the laws that make up the Swedish way of life, says Sweden’s Integration Minister Ylva Johansson.

Swedish laws, Swedish rights, and how Sweden works. This should be general knowledge among those who live in Sweden,  and new arrivals should be no exception.


At least, that’s what Johansson said on Wednesday. The minister has just received the results of a study she commissioned into how to improve the spread of this knowledge among new arrivals in Sweden.


Johansson said that the study suggested immigrants needed more time to learn the laws, better teachers, and more resources.


“Many people who move to Sweden come from countries with big differences in daily life and values,” Johansson told the TT news agency.


She said these rights and values included things like the organization of society, gender equality, parental care, children’s rights, and the right to decide what you do with your own body.


“These are the big differences that people must have a fair chance to learn and understand. We should perhaps focus on these things, and let lessons on things like recycling and the freedom to roam (allemansrätt) come a little later.”


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