Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán: ‘Defending Hungary Is Our Duty – Not NATO’s or the EU’s’…….


Spot on…


It’s the 1st and primary duty of the government of any freely elected state, to protect its civil society.


Orbán: ‘Defending Hungary Is Our Duty – Not NATO’s or the EU’s’

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said that it is Hungary’s duty to defend itself and that any nation “unable to protect its country is not worthy of it”.


“The defence of Hungary is not the task and duty of NATO or the European Union, but of ourselves,” the conservative Prime Minister said at the induction ceremony for the new Chief of Staff of the Hungarian Defence Forces on Wednesday.

“The situation today is that security is the most valuable currency of our age,” Prime Minister Orbán said.


“Now we have learnt that conflicts further from us can reach our frontier within a few weeks – and even now millions of immigrants are waiting to set off.”


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