Toilet swirling UK:Police say that they won’t be mocked, threaten FB users who do…….


Mock them wherever you find them…


If UK citizenry could take them seriously, be certain of their veracity and straightforwardness, then very little mocking would be taking place. Acting like totalitarians and degenerates does not elicit sympathy nor confidence.


Image result for UK police grinding woman gay pride on street


British Police Threaten to Prosecute Facebook Users Under Malicious Communications Act for Mocking Them


Britain’s police have stumbled into another public relations disaster after threatening to track down and prosecute Facebook users for ridiculing them.


West Yorkshire Police were derided by social media users after sharing a picture of a drugs bust on their Wakefield Rural page. The haul involved a comically small quantity of cannabis, MailOnline reports.


“Wow that’s put a dent in the war on drugs lol” commented one user sarcastically.


“Hope you manage to nail Pablo Escobar this afternoon” added another.


More here.

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