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Multiple Iranian missile launches at Israel greeted with 4 hr long attack on dozens of Iranian military targets in Syria…….


Israel Retaliates after 30-Rocket Barrage with 4-Hour Attack on Dozens of Iranian Military Targets in Syria

Retaliating against the Iranian attack on Israel from Syrian territory, the IDF carried out one of its biggest air operations in the last few decades, attacking dozens of military targets belonging to the Iranian Quds Force in Syria overnight Thursday, the IDF Spokesperson reported.


As part of the large-scale attack, the IDF attacked:


  • Iranian intelligence sites operated by the Qods Force;
  • logistics commands of the Qods Force;
  • a military compound and logistics complex of the Qods Force in Kiswah;
  • an Iranian military camp north of Damascus;
  • weapons storage sites belonging to the Qods Force at Damascus International Airport;
  • intelligence systems and installations associated with the Qods Force;
  • and an observation post, military posts and weapons in the buffer zone in the Syrian Golan heights.


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