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Netherlands: Amsterdam city council was warned about Islamonazi Palestinian before he attacked a Jewish restaurant…….


They did nothing upon learning that he was beginning to take his Islam seriously…



Amsterdam Municipality Was Warned About Syrian-Palestinian Terrorist


De Syriër wordt vervolgd voor vernieling en diefstal, terwijl zijn daad volgens de advocaat van de restauranteigenaar politiek-ideologisch gemotiveerd is.


The Amsterdam municipality was warned that a potential attacker was radicalizing several weeks before he attacked the Jewish restaurant, HaCarmel. The municipality sent him to the department for mental health instead of to the program which deals with radicalized Muslims.


Herman Loonstein, the lawyer of the restaurant, said that this is shocking but not surprising.


One wonders how many more of these people walk around freely. This situation also demonstrates the mismanagement by the Amsterdam municipality.



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