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UK major retells story of how he and his men literally fought the Taliban to the last bullet and bayonet……..


These are men heroes are made from…

We knew the enemy were expecting reinforcements, but not that many.
‘Tomorrow could be a little tasty, sir,’ my sergeant-major remarked dryly.
‘Just a little,’ I agreed. ‘How are we on ammo?’
‘I’ve dished the last of it out,’ he replied. ‘If we do have to kill 500, we’ll be doing the last couple with bayonets.’


The terrifying day I met the Taliban – and risked being beheaded: One minute his besieged men were fighting to the last bullet. The next, MAJOR ADAM JOWETT was given an order that made his blood run cold

Major Adam Jowett (top left) was sent on a terrifying mission which saw him come face-to-face with the Taliban in Afghanistan. He tells his terrifying story in his new book ‘No Way Out: The Searing True Story of Men Under Siege’ (pictures from the book left, top and bottom right; Lance Corporal Paul Muirhead bottom left who died in Afghanistan in 2006). ‘My God, I have a wife and two kids, and I’m never going to see them again,’ writes Major Jowett in the book. ‘I’m never going to see them because I’m the fool being sent on a fool’s errand. A suicide mission. But then a calm acceptance came over me. I had a job to do. I’d do it, and face the consequences.’


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