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Sweden: Afghan ‘Child’ refugees raped mother of three, took phone pics as well…


During WWII and other conflicts, you just never heard of refugees acting in this fashion…


As the Swedes dance in a dervish of delight around them.



Swedish mother of toddler gang raped by three “child” refugees – They even took photos

A woman from Kalmar was gang raped by three Afghans after a dinner party, Fria Tider reports. The refugees violently assaulted the woman during a walk. They made fun of her, raped her and took very disturbing pictures of her during the attack.



In September 2017 the woman, a mother of a toddler, had a dinner party at her and her husband’s residence in Kalmar. In the evening she took a walk and when she began to feel unwell, she rang her husband. Just after the refugee “minors” appeared and began following her.


Having followed her a little while, they attacked her and forced her down a small road. “They laughed at me like it was fun. They pulled down my trousers and panties”, the victim said during the trial.


More here at Voice of Europe.

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