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Nigeria: Parents of enslaved daughter say Islamic Boko Haram won’t release her because she refuses to denounce her faith in Christ……..


A true Easter message, faith over the odds…


Parents: Boko Haram Won’t Release Girl Because She Refuses to Denounce Christ

Boko Haram refused to release a 15-year-old Christian girl kidnapped this month along with 110 other schoolgirls because she rebuffed the terrorist organization’s efforts to convert her to Islam, her parents revealed.


Leah Sharibu is the only one of the abducted girls still held by the Boko Haram jihadists “because she refused to convert to Islam,” stressed USA Today.


Nathan Sharibu, the girl’s father, recently told the newspaper:


My daughter is alive, but they wouldn’t release her because she is a Christian. They told her they would release her if she converted, but she said she will never become a Muslim. I am very sad, but I am also overjoyed because my daughter did not denounce Christ.


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