Finland Immigration MUSLIM SETTLERS

Helsinki city population expands by 70 000 in the past ten years…….


One could argue that it artificially expanded of the past few years due to the influx of Muslim settlers getting in on the welfare state gig while they can…


Helsinki population grows by 70,000 in a decade

The population of Helsinki grew by some 8,000 last year and more than 70,000 over the last ten years, according to figures released on Thursday.

Helsingin Kauppatirilta näkymää jossa näkyy Presidentinlinna ja Tuomiokirkko.
Image: Henrietta Hassinen / Yle

The municipality of Helsinki saw its population grow by some 70,000 during the past ten years, according to new data released on Thursday.


In 2017 the population jumped by 8,091 — some 1.3 percent. By the New Year Helsinki had 643,272 residents. Mayor Jan Vapaavuori said in a statement that the increase is in line with expectations for the country’s biggest city.


During the past ten years Helsinki’s population has tracked pretty close to the ‘fast growth’ projection, Vapaavuori said. For example last year the number of people in the city grew by more than a thousand compared to the previous year.


“Over the last ten years Helsinki’s population has increased by nearly as much as the population of [the eastern town of] Joensuu,” said Vapaavuori in a statement. “The capital city’s growth shows that there is increasing demand for urban lifestyles and that the significance of cities is increasing.”


Espoo also grew last year by some 4,461. Vantaa increased its population by 3,686 and Kauniainen’s headcount leapt by 227.


The population of the entire Helsinki region, including more rural commuter belt towns, grew by 18,476 in 2017. The rest of Finland’s population shrank by 8,643.



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