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France: Islamonazi who carried out jihad attack in Carcassonne and Trebes was KNOWN to police, in data base for radical militants…….


Authorities can stuff their talk about ”keeping an eye on” Islamonazis that they’ve let into the country…


ISIS killer ‘took his little sister to school’ then murdered three people before being shot dead: How the French terror attack unfolded

  • Redouane Lakdim, 26, carried out attack in Carcassonne and Trebes, France
  • He walked his little sister to school before hijacking a car, killing one person
  • Lakdim then fired at a group of police officers, leaving one of them wounded 
  • He stormed a supermarket, killed two more people before being shot dead 


An ISIS gunman has been shot dead in the south of France after killing three people and injuring multiple others.


Redouane Lakdim, 26, hijacked a car in the town of Carcassonne before storming a nearby Super U supermarket where he was shot dead by French police.


This marks the first terror attack since Emmanuel Macron was elected in May last year and comes after a series of attacks in Paris and Nice in 2015 and 2016.


Here is how events unfolded:

Prior to the attack: Redouane Lakdim, believed to be of Moroccan descent, was flagged to intelligence services and appeared in a database of radicalised militants.


He was also known to authorities for petty crimes including drug dealing.


Lakdim was incarcerated in Carcassonne some time in 2016, according to Le Parisien, though it is unclear what for.


The paper also reports he was very active on Salafist networks online and was suspected of having made a trip to Syria, though it is not known when.


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