Finland: Muslim settlers taking advantage of Finnish taxpayers through the help of activists gaming the system…….


At the height of the Muslim settler deluge in 2015-16, my source who was working in these reception centers heard Red Cross workers advising these migrants how to fool the immigration case officers handling their interviews.


“Asylum seekers” run an expensive application gambit with the help of the faux tolerant

According to the Finnish Immigration Service, more than half of the applications for asylum are currently subject to renewal. Approximately 630 people are now waiting for a re-application. The proportion of applications for re-admission to the Finnish Immigration Service is rising. For example, a year ago there were about one hundred requests for re-applications.


“There are people who clearly misuse the system,” says Jorma Vuorio , Director of Immigration Department at the Ministry of the Interior, in YLE’s interview.


The most common grounds for renewal are Christian conversion and sexual orientation.


Many asylum seekers “turn to” Christianity after receiving a negative asylum decision. All the baptized people have not even understood the name of the church they have been associated with.


Esko Repo , Director of the Asylum Office for Asylum, says that as many as 90 percent of Iraqi and 80 percent of Afghan asylum seekers are making a re-application.


“This mill runs all the time,” says Repo.


Some asylum seekers already have the fourth (!) Application round. In the appeal process, the Administrative Court and the Supreme Administrative Court, according to Migri, have 7,000 people.


New applications will be made either after all complaints or appeal periods or during the appeal stage. There they are guided by Finnish volunteers.


This hamster wheel has enormous costs. It’s not a problem for immigrants and their faux tolerant assistants, as the money can be found in the taxpayer’s purse. They do not care about the thousands of Finns in food lines and staying in stairwells and trashbins. For them, it is more important for immigrants to be provided with meals from the pickup table three times a day and that almost all have hotel accommodations. And in order for the service to be complete, they will also be paid “pocket money”.

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