Fraud Feminist alert: Why won’t western feminists support Muslim woman arrested for taking off her hijab…….


Because they’re frauds, that’s why…


Why won’t western feminists support the woman arrested for taking off her hijab in Iran? It doesn’t make you Islamophobic

Where is the outcry from the left when a female protestor in Iran is locked up for two years for daring to take off the head-covering she is forced to wear?


It is perfectly possible to have two countries and two cultures you love with all of their imperfections and complexities – isn’t it? Some might argue that I am not English, that this is not my country, as I wasn’t born here and I don’t have English genes.


But the glorious thing about knowing what I am is that I don’t feel I have to argue my case any more than I would argue with someone who insisted I was a hamster. I am not a hamster and if someone says I that I am then it will never be my life’s work to change their mind. I just get on my wheel and move on.


That said, I will point out that Boris Johnson wasn’t born here either; neither was Joanna Lumley; neither was tea. Also, for the record, there is no “English gene”. There is no gene that, when you put a microscope on it, looks up and says, “Do you mind! We are in the middle of our supper!” That’s not how science works.


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