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Finland: News report notes Women outpacing men in education undermines claim of patriarchal hegemony…….


Fox’s Tucker Carlson underlined the exact same phenomenon in the US during his Wednesday broadcast.



Women in Finland continue to outpace men in education

Women in Finland are the third most highly educated among OECD countries.

Kokelaat valmistautuivat tekemään sähköisen ylioppilaskirjoituksen
Students preparing for their matriculation examinations. Image: Vesa Moilanen / Lehtikuva


The education gap between men and women in Finland is at a record breaking level, reports the newspaper Karjalainen, and continues to widen. In the past ten years, the number of women with higher educations has been increasing at a swifter pace than among the male population.


Finland can boast the third highest level of educated women among OECD countries. Over half of women aged 25-64 have a higher education degree, and at the moment women are completing 59 percent of all university degrees.


Finland’s numbers are significantly higher than those in general for OECD countries, where the average number of women with higher education degrees is 38 percent.


The proportion of highly educated women in Finland surpassed that of men in the early 1990s. In following decades the level of educated women has continued to increase at a faster rate than for men.



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