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Finland: Pakistani man stabbed 20 times by five men over a cigarette, state media silent on background of three perps arrested……..


Ok, we’re quickly told it wasn’t race related, so my gut tells me (but not 100% certain) that it’s non-ethnic Finns in question…


Police probe knife attack on Pakistani man in Vantaa

The man was reportedly attacked shortly after refusing to give a cigarette to a young man whom he thought was a minor.


Lahtelainen poliisi kuvituskuvassa.


Officials from the Itä-Uusimaa police department confirmed Tuesday that they are investigating a case in which a Pakistani man was brutally attacked near his home in Kulomäki, Vantaa last Friday night.


The man’s wife told Yle News that her husband had gone out for a short stroll after a late-night dinner, when a young man approached him and asked for a cigarette.


She related that her husband asked the man if he had any ID, since he looked rather young. When the young man responded that he had no form of identification, her husband refused the request. He then turned away and began to walk home, when he was attacked by a group of four or five individuals carrying knives and other sharp weapons.


Knife wounds, cracked skull


According to the wife, the man was severely injured, having sustained some 20 knife wounds and a cracked skull. She said that passersby apparently alerted emergency services, who arrived within five minutes and took the man to hospital for treatment.


Lead police investigator Mikko Minkkinen told Yle News that officers had detained three suspects in connection with the incident.


“We have held three 20-year-old men and a court placed them under pre-investigation detention today.”


He said that investigators found no reason to suspect that any racist motives played a part in the incident. Minkkinen said that the victim was still in hospital and that while he had been seriously injured, his condition was stable and that his life was no longer in jeopardy.


The man’s wife said that the family had lived in the Kulomäki district for three years and were on good terms with their neighbours. The victim reportedly told his wife that he was not familiar with any of his assailants.

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