Local sovereignty for bearded Afghan Muslims, brings up bigger question, what about for Europeans as well……?


I guess we have to devolve once again to a tribalized society (with multi-culturalism we’re on our way) in order for the mandarins of the EU to decide we need greater liberty.

Finnish analyst Charley Salonius-Pasternak who works for the Finnish think tank UPI, retweeted a piece (that I believe he agrees with, on Afghanistan) that speaks basically about decentralizing the political power structure in the Afghan state, thereby allowing local governments to address local needs. As a EU partisan, he would never agree with the same being said of European states.


A friend took note stating: “But with the bearded men you’ve got to respect their sovereignty!”


What it reminds me of is classic Marxist thought. Follow my thinking. The Afghans have to first reach a national democratic state (leaving tribalism/clanism) before they have to demolish their state for a Cultural Marxist utopian one. Just think of the Russian kulaks and other ‘social trash’ Marx knew he had to get rid of because they weren’t capitalist yet, too far off to bring to the next step in “the natural evolution of economics”. That being the Marxist state.


So bearded men in a 3rd world Islamonazi state should be afforded the right to self determination, but Poles, Hungarians and the rest of us in the West need a highly regulated, centralized administrative state, in which the individual is effectively removed from true representative government and oversight of government officials.


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