Daniel Greenfield gun control

Daniel Greenfield: (Trump) “A voice of reason in the midst of the media hysteria”…….


The conservative base of the party has to keep its politicians from buckling under the pressure, which is immense…



A voice of reason in the midst of the media hysteria.



There isn’t an hour that isn’t dominated by the controlled informational hysteria waged by the media.


The better things are, the more weaponized hysteria pours out of the press. Britain during the Blitz didn’t have the sense of crisis that viewers get from 5 minutes of CNN. The rising economy, consumer confidence, terror victories and international stature are met with bigger headlines of “Doom.”


That’s what the media is like on a good day. It’s even worse on a bad day.


Last Wednesday was a very bad day. It was a bad day for Parkland, Florida, and for America.


The hysterical news cycle is bad enough when the media doesn’t have anything to work with except its Russian conspiracy theories, leaks from Muellerville and outraged identity politics protests. When seventeen people were murdered by a deranged school shooter, it got much worse.


The media viciously dragged traumatized teens out of the classroom and forced them to become activists. It encouraged student walkouts from classrooms across the country. It told them to scream at elected officials trying to explain to them that the Bill of Rights couldn’t just be hated out of existence.


A week’s worth of the media’s weaponized hysteria traumatized viewers before trying to sell them exercise equipment or diet pills. It terrorized the victims and the rest of the country for political gain.


Nikolas Cruz pulled the trigger on Wednesday on the students of Stoneman Douglas High School. The media went on gleefully pulling it for another week on the entire country.

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