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Benjamin Weinthal: EU Parliament Politicians Call For a Full Ban of Hezbollah…….


This is like the FBI under J.Edger Hoover differentiating between all the dept’s of the Al Capone gang in Chicago during the ‘Roaring 20’s” in deciding who to go after.

The European Union only designated Hezbollah’s military wing as a terrorist entity in 2012. The proscription of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization came in response to an attack by the organization on an Israeli tour bus in Burgas, Bulgaria in 2012, which resulted in the deaths of five Israelis and their Bulgarian Muslim bus driver. An additional 32 Israelis were injured.


Some 60 MEPs demanded that the European Parliament designate the entire organization – and not just its military wing – as a terrorist organization.


EU parliament politicians call for a full ban of Hezbollah


Members of the European Union parliament sent a letter on Thursday to EU High Representative Federica Mogherini, urging her to classify all of the Lebanese organization Hezbollah as a terrorist entity.

MEP Anders Vistisen, one of the three co-initiators of the letter, said:


“It’s outrageous that the European Union still has not denounced Hezbollah in its entirety as a terrorist organization. Hezbollah’s growing arsenal and entanglement in regional conflicts severely destabilizes certain countries and the wider Middle East. It is high time to acknowledge that Islamist inspired terrorism is not only a threat to the Middle East, but is also the top threat to Europe’s security.”


The letter was signed by a cross-section of 60 members of the European Parliament. The other two co-initiators were Lars Adaktusson and Péter Niedermüller.


MEP Adaktusson said, “In order to stop Hezbollah’s extensive terrorist activities, the EU approach has to change. Hezbollah is one united organization, and the EU policy cannot be based on a pretend division of this terrorist organization into a civilian and a military wing.”


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