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Finland: Police commissioner says violence directed at police has doubled this century…….


Come on, we all know what the main reasons for it are…


Crime scene: Violence against police has doubled in 21st century – “Before I got hit once, now it’s ten times”

Violence against the police has doubled this millennium. This is how Commissioner Henri Rikander from the Police College says in an interview with Rikospaikka. 


Komisario Henri Rikander tutkii poliisiammattikorkeakoulussa poliisiin kohdistunutta väkivaltaa.


Rikander follows violence directed at the police at the Police College and also the police force’s use of force.


Rikander tells in an interview with Rikospaikka that a similar phenomenon has also been observed in the Netherlands and Sweden, for example. It is not limited to the police, it also applies to rescue personnel, for example.


– The reason may be in a wider social exclusion problem.


According to Rikander, violence has changed.


– If before the police were hit once, then it can be ten times. They include, for example, laser pointers, knives, firearms and grenades.

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