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Sweden: New Security Police Säpo estimates threat to Sweden is higher than in the past, especially from jihadis…….


The New normal in Sweden which most Finns are worried about finding its way here…


Security Police Säpo estimates that the threat to Sweden is higher than in the past

The authorities receive daily reports of suspected threats.
In Sweden, there is a new normal state of affairs, which includes the worrying growth of extremism, is the line Säpo security policy takes in the recently published annual book. In the book, Director of Security, Anders Thornberg, writes that the threat to Sweden is greater than in the past, and the security situation has deteriorated. Thornberg became Swedish Police Chief at the beginning of the month.

Interim President, Charlotte von Essen, repeated the same words at a press conference.

“We are talking about a new normal situation, and it is self-evident that that situation is worrying us,” von Essen said.

Säpo estimates that the greatest threat constitutes the violence of extremist Islamists, but there has also been a significant increase in the White Power during the year. Säpo has already estimated that the number of violent extremist Islamists has increased in Sweden from hundreds to thousands in recent years.

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