Finland: Family reunifications on the rise, stricter requirements not having desired effect…….


These political leaders and bureaucrats are completely certifiable lunatics…


In the US chain migration is under (correct) attack by people who’ve had enough with being inundated by foreigners. Natural migration is one thing, job position, marrying a national, but using relations to bring in everyone and their brother, into a welfare state no less, is suicidal. I couldn’t care less how much the person living in Finland is making, if they’re from a developing country, they’re more likely to end up on government subsidies (taxpayer wealth) then not.


Family reunifications rise


Several of the morning’s papers, including Turun Sanomat, carry a syndicated Lännen Media report that last year Finnish immigration authorities made decisions in over 10,000 family reunification cases for the first time. 80% of these saw family members from abroad being granted residence rights.


That figure has doubled over the past decade and the number is expected to keep growing.


The largest upswing last year was in family members of people who have been granted asylum in the country. Just fewer than 2,700 of the cases in which there was a positive decision concerned this category. However, this was below the 3,000-3,500 that the immigration service had forecast.


Year before last income requirements for family reunification were made more stringent. For example, the scale used by the Finnish Immigration Service requires a family of two adults and two children to have a net income of 2,600 euros per month.


As this article points out, meeting the income requirements for family reunification would be tough for many families who have lived all their lives in Finland.


Even so, according to the Director General of the Interior Ministry’s Migration Department, Jorma Vuorio, the increase in the number of applications indicates that the tougher income requirements have not had much of an impact.



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