Canada Fighting Back

Canada: Chinese immigrants mount protest in Ottawa against Trudeau government and bill making criticism of Islam illegal…….


Vlad has had lots to do it getting all the material sent to him on Youtube:


Chinese, Quebec and general Canadian community unite to oppose Trudeau and Islamic favouritism

It will take some time to tell the story of what took place today on Parliament hill. Several friends of this site attended a major demonstration in Ottawa, organized by members of the Chinese community to object to the Trudeau government plus the Canadian government-media complex’s treatment, of the Hijab Hoax orchestrated, in this author’s opinion, to justify turning Motion 103, into bill 103, making criticism of Islam a criminal offence.


ANTIFA of course showed up to scream Nazi and racist at Chinese people who were there to protest, in their own words, (which will be posted as soon as I can edit and upload the massive amount of video I was sent) Trudeau’s divisive policies setting Canadians against Canadians.


The irony of Antifa knows no boundaries at all.


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