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The Left is changing American culture to accept destructive European politics and its political system…….


There was a time when the US promoted itself to the world as the last beacon of hope for humanity…


The bedrock of US society is its constitution, it is the definitive voice of the Founder and Framers who created the country on what it means to be an American. The values the founding document espouses have been under attacks for over 150 years, and it seems to have finally born (rotten) fruit. The society is importing people by the millions on a regular basis, people who want to take advantage of what the country offers, but do not want to assimilate, at least to the point where they truly accept its culture founded in its own founding.


Just a day or so ago, a former NBA player born in S.Africa, dared to lecture US citizens on gun rights, in the wake of the recent horrific massacre of 17 people in a Floridian school. He has no allegiance to, nor understanding of the founding document. He’s a former alien (I take it he’s now a US citizen) who takes an alien view on the thoughts and intentions of the Founding Fathers. He is not alone. No country can remain a country for long, if its values, ethics, and knowledge of its system of governance (undergirded by its founding document) is not passed down to the next generation in a coherent and meaningful way.


What’s happening in the US is something that not even the commissars of the USSR could have dreamed possible. It took other international Leftists to concoct, Cultural Marxism, (i.e. Critical Theory). It’s taken 70 years or so, but its finally proving itself to be very successful. The final double tap to the US system will be the crippling of US gun rights, and as more and more people who reject the constitution as is, are imported into the country, the more likely a constitutional amendment stripping the 2nd amendment from the original document will become a reality.


‘To every politician who is taking donations from the NRA, shame on you’: Florida high school shooting survivors turn their heartbreak into determination to change America’s gun laws

  • Thousands rallied calling for new gun laws at the federal courthouse in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday 
  • Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School spoke out angrily at the rally demanding change
  • Speakers criticized lawmakers for taking donations from NRA and demanded changes to nation’s gun laws
  • Comes as a response to the shooting that killed 17 students and teachers at the school on Wednesday 
  • ‘They say us kids don’t know what we’re talking about, that we’re too young to understand how the government works – we call BS!’, Emma Gonzalez said


Young survivors of the Florida school shooting have gathered at a massive rally to demand changes to the nation’s gun laws.


Thousands joined the protest on Saturday at the federal court house in Fort Lauderdale, some 25 miles from where 17 people were shot and killed Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School this week.


Students from the high school spoke passionately during the rally, pleading with lawmakers to change the nation’s gun laws.


One teen, Emma Gonzalez, angrily criticized politicians who take campaign contributions from the National Rifle Association, and challenged them to stop taking money.

‘We will be the last mass shooting,’ said Gonzalez, a senior at the high school who took cover on the floor of the auditorium as a shooter rampaged through the building.


She directly addressed President Donald Trump, reading out his tweet in response to the shooting and demanding to know how much the NRA had donated to his campaign.


During the presidential election, the gunowners’ rights group pumped $31 million into ads supporting Trump and attacking his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton

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NOTE: Over a year ago my brother-in-law saved not only himself but my sister as well, from being victims in an attempted robbery and double homicide by having multiple guns hidden in his house. The perps were two cop killers on the run in Detroit, he ended up shooting one of them in the leg before they took off.

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