Finland: Parliamentarian asks whether cultural criticism is always racism…….


Nope. There is a hierarchy in cultures…


Laura Huhtasaari: Do you have to pretend that all cultures are good?

SIINA EKBERG | 18.02.2018 | 12:51- updated 18.02.2018 | 15:20

The parliamentarian asks whether cultural criticism is always racism.


Finns politician Laura Huhtasaari criticizes in a Uusisuomi blog post the viewpoint that there’s equality between differing cultures.


According to her, no one should be discriminated against on the basis of biological, mental or physical characteristics. she asks whether opposing different cultures can be deemed as racism.

”If all cultures were equally good, why then in some countries there is much more corruption, crime and poverty?  Can it really be said that cultural factors have nothing to do with the case that every third man in South Africa is guilty of rape during his life? Why is the position of women significantly weaker in some countries than in others? “, Laura Huusaari writes.
Do we have to pretend that all cultures are equally good and refrain from explaining things on cultural phenomena?

In Huhtasaari’s view, allowing the use of burka would not contribute to the integration of Islamic immigrants into Finnish culture. The practice would rather be adapting Finns into the Islamic culture.

“I hope that Finnish decision-makers cease to be sheep and begin to defend Finnish culture and to counteract that which goes against our values. I hope that we can have a comprehensive press, which would see something more fixable in our immigrant policy than that it’s not lax enough.”

According to Huhtamaki, mainstream media does not see immigration through the eyes of the average Finn.

“He who pays for all this, and whose children come to live in a very different way in Finland than the previous generations,” says Huhtasaari.

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