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J.E.Dyer: Mueller-convened grand jury indicts 13 Russians for election interference, wire fraud…….


I stated months ago that the entire Russia interference in US elections was to see what mischief they could cause, the Democrats took their hook, line and sinker and swam with it.


Lets not forget that they (Putin inc.) used the Democrats as saps, who must have been more than overjoyed with the Clinton campaign seeking out their conduit, Michael Steele, who ended up channeling their crap (taking the bait) that ended up in his fraudulent dossier. All of their (Putin inc.) nonsense ended up hampering the incoming presidency of Donald Trump with the knee capping of his attorney-general, Jeff Sessions, and having a special council leaking like a sieve, providing a daily fodder for the fake media and the Democrats.


Mueller-convened grand jury indicts 13 Russians for election interference, wire fraud

The Department of Justice announced on Friday that a federal grand jury has indicted 13 Russians on counts involving election interference, identity theft, and wire and bank fraud, all of it relating to the 2016 election.


The grand jury was convened by the federal court for the District of Columbia.


The indictment, including the names of the Russian defendants, is here.


There are a few things to note straight off, based on the indictment.  One of them is that we have known about the nature of all the election-interference charges for months.


Some of the defendants are charged with the actual “interference.”  Others are charged with the ID theft and wire fraud.  Those accused of interference did the following:  set up fake social media accounts; used those accounts to forward election-related and other, more general political themes; and advertised online a handful of political demonstrations to be held in U.S. locations, which may or may not have resulted in people literally showing up to demonstrate.


More here.

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