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Finns Party Chairman Jussi Halla-aho pours dose of cold reality on death of failed Iraqi asylum seeker: “We can’t guarantee immoratlity to people living in Iraq…….


Finnish state broadcaster Yle engages in journalistic activism on the public’s dime…


Eero Mäntymaa, an anti-Israel radical Leftist (kook), is sent to Baghdad to interview (spread hard luck stories of) Iraqi’s who failed to receive asylum in Finland after another rejected asylum seeker is deported from Finland, then murdered, three weeks later. Go to the 5:50 mark in an audio file at Yle, to listen to this schlub blather on.


NOTE: I had to correct him on Twitter when he misleadingly implied that Finns candidate for president, Laura Huhtasaari, was supporting neo-Nazis.


Halla-aho: “Finland can not guarantee immortality to people living in Iraq”

Iraq is a dangerous country for the people living there. The solution is not to move the Iraqis elsewhere, commented Finns party chairman, Jussi Halla-aho, in the pages of the Helsinki Sanomat, which dealt with a case in which an asylum seeker who was returned to Iraq had been shot in Baghdad. 


– It is a terrible incident, but Finland can not guarantee immortality to people living in Iraq, not even those who have turned to Finland, Jussi Halla-aho commented on the issue on his Facebook page.


According to Helsingin Sanomat’s editorial board, asylum solutions, the authorities delegate responsibility to politicians who return it to the authorities, and ultimately “responsibility disappears somewhere when bad questions arise.”


Political responsibility was not taken even when Finns died


The Finnish Immigration Service (Migri), which is dealing with asylum applications, issued a statement in which it said it could not comment on an individual case. The Office had issued a negative decision which had not been amended by the Administrative Court and had not been lodged by the Supreme Administrative Court.


According to Helsinki Sanomat’s editorial editor, the bulletin tossed the ball to the politicians, saying, “We have a valid law that we can not change it at the agency.”


Politicians do not, according to the editorial board, assume responsibility. The newly minted Interior Minister Kai Mykkänen (Kok) said he trusts the decisions of the authorities and courts.


– This is a rotating economy of political responsibility: the authorities delegate responsibility to politicians and politicians to the authorities, Helsingin Sanomat concludes.


– Politicians and officials are accused of evading responsibilty. Even those who are responsible have not been reported until the time when Iraqi tourist asylum seekers have killed or abused the inhabitants of Finland and other European countries, Halla-aho stated.


– Such cases have been seen as tolerable collateral damage. Just as if not everyone would be just as valuable..


According to Halla-aho, we do not know why that person was killed after returning to Iraq.


The asylum system has become frustrated by its abuse


– If it is assumed that he was subjected to a personal risk (which is the criterion of international protection), the responsibility falls above all to those who have allowed asylum-seekers to keep  mocking the asylum system. Most of those coming are lying and are not in need of protection. The more they are, the more “cynical” asylum system becomes and the more difficult it is to pick out those who need protection, Halla-aho wrote on his Facebook page.


Suomenuutist reported earlier this week on a comment by Finns MP, Ville Tavion, on the same subject. According to Tavio, Yle reported on the Finland asylum-seeking man being killed in Iraq, deliberately.


Tavio criticized Yle that it does not mention at all the possibility that there are safe areas outside of Baghdad in Iraq where an internal truce would have been possible.


The former PS president of the PS, Sebastian Tynkkynen, was surprised:


– When in internal exodus from Baghdad is possible, it is by no means logical why, in that case, the man’s place of refuge should suddenly be in Finland.

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