Fighting Back Islam in Italy

No nonsense politician Matteo Salvini who wants to reign in open borders: ”Islam is a law, not a religion”…….


In full agreement…



The Sam Harris definition applies here: 

It’s an interesting pathology in our public discourse. It’s the result of few specific memes doing their mad work, one being that all religion is equivalent. We have one word, religion, which I argue is a word like sports. We have sports like thai kick-boxing and there are sports like badminton, and they basically have nothing in common. Islam is a religion and Jainism is a religion and they have a few things in common, but what they don’t have in common is a commitment to nonviolence, which Jainism has in spades and Islam doesn’t have in principle. That’s a difference worth noticing. There’s that meme that as an atheist, as a secularist, as a scientist, you can only really just talk about religion and to be more fine-grained than that is to be unfairly biased against one community. That’s untrue, and we have to get over it.

Matteo Salvini: “I Want to Govern in Order to Control Immigration”

The following video shows an an encounter between the Italian press and Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Lega Nord. Mr. Salvini is expected to become the next prime minister after elections on March 4, as part of a coalition with Forza Italia (Silvio Berlusconi) and Fratelli d’Italia (Giorgia Meloni).


In this clip Mr. Salvini gives his opinions about illegal immigrants, mosques, and Islam. The mention of “Pamela” is a reference to a woman who was recently murdered and dismembered by a Nigerian immigrant. “Traini” refers to a neo-Nazi who shot up a group of immigrants in reaction to the murder of Pamela Mastropietro.



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