Finland: Muslim male found guilty of rape of 15 y/o intoxicated girl, promised her pizza and phone recharge after hockey match…….


Yet another Muslim rape of a local girl, what’s as shocking to me as the rape itself, is the description of the three year eight month sentence as being ”long”.


Encountering drunk teen girls on street, enticed to apartment under guise of pizza and phone recharging – Man sentenced for felony rape of 15year old girl

The Pirkanmaa district court has condemned to a long-term imprisonment of Thaer Al Jubour’s rape in Tampere on Friday.

  • The convicted man encountered two heavily drunk teen girls on a street and attracted them to his apartment.
  • One girl left, but the other, a 15-year-old, the man raped.
  • The duration of the imprisonment sentence for the brutal rape is 3 years and 8 months.


Thaer Al Jubouri replied that the charges were free. However, by his statute, the district court ordered him to be jailed and sent to prison.


The crime for which now has been given a sentence, took place in Tampere in November of 2016. Originally there were three teenagers. They had been to a hockey match and had two bottles of vodka during the evening. One of the girls was hospitalized due to alcohol poisoning.


Thaer Al Jubouri met the two remaining girls on the street. According to him, he saw that the girls were drunk. The girls were cold and one of them said that she was hungry.


Al Jubouri said he was near his residence. He went on to get some pizza. She could also recharge her mobile phone.


According to her claim, Al Jubouri had asked the girls’ their age. According to his account one of them said that she was 16 years old and the other was 18 years old.


The girls disputed in court the man’s allegations: their age had not been spoken about.


The girls, in turn, had initially considered the man younger than what the 38-year-old Al Jubouri really was. Al Jubouri had shown them his driving license.


“We panicked”


Sitting on a sofa and kissing. According to the girls, it was the man, according to the accused, it was one of the girls.


However, the charger did not fit the phone. There was no pizza in the house. That’s why Al Jubouri left to go it.


He left the girls in his apartment. However, they decided to leave. One of them left Al Jubour her phone number.


Outside Al Jubouri met the girls by chance again. According to another girl, they panicked.


This young witness later reported in the court that she has left the scene. The friend of the witness says she met her the next day. At that time, she heard of the rape.


The 15-year-old decided to return to the apartment. Now, however, she didn’t eat pizza, but Al Jubouri pushed his victim to the bed and raped her.


“I did not think to cry for help”


The girl victim told her that she did not think to cry out for help that could have alarmed his neighbors. He did not even put up any resistance because she thought the situation would go faster.


After the rape, the girl got out of the apartment. The next morning, she went to the hospital and made a criminal report after that.


The doctor did not find any obvious traces of sexual violence, but he found bruises on the thighs. Those bruises fit the description of being caused by being held down.



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